Bonus Details
The bonus program rewards contributing your market information to the knowledge base. Share your knowledge and take a bonus.
We honor your input
We honor the input from our customers. Our bonus program aims to encourage and reward customer loyalty. We offer you a bonus for sharing your market information with us. This can be prices or other data - confidential or public. Your information and observations will enrich our internal data pool and strengthen our empirical basis. We will never publish them anywhere nor share them with a third party, as we are committed to maintain strict confidentiality on all information you provide us.
Our bonus commitment
Our bonus commitment has a term of twelve months bound to the term of your service package. Please note that the bonus does not apply to the basic package; only the professional, professional group, and enterprise package are bonus eligible. The bonus depends on the amount of data shared and is calculated as percentage of service price. You find the bonus schedule here. When reaching a bonus scale at the end of the yearly service period, you can choose one of the following options:
You will receive the percentage discount on the renewal price.
We send you a check with your bonus amount.
We give the equal amount to a cause you like, such as a charity or non-profit organization.
In case you are not reaching the specified minimum at period end, the accumulated values so far expire. Please try out the tracking of your accumulated bonus, which is automatic. Our website provides online reports on bonus period and current bonus in order to keep you always informed.
A convenient interface to the bonus program
The easiest way to collect a bonus is using Benchum Decision. It provides a very convenient interface to the bonus program by generating an email message of all data you added to the database. You press a single button, and the system displays which of your data entries you haven’t shared yet. You can specify the data tables you are going to forward to us. Then the email program installed on your computer will open automatically and generate a plain text message containing all the values you selected. Press the send button and check later your bonus account. The process is highly transparent. You control precisely what data you are going to share with us.