Write-Back Database
The database provides fast access to a multitude of prices and other data. Add your own data on the side with the write-back feature, which stores all your entries straight away in your local user database.
Fast access to a multitude of data
A copy of Benchum myData installed on your PC or server allows queries to a multitude of data:
Prices such as list price, effective price, maintenance price, etc.
Specifications include key metrics for calculating price performance ratios (i.e., price per user, price per power rating), and other product characteristics.
Configurations are combinations of different products and services. The ability of product bundling simplifies the handling of market relevant information.
All data tables are stored in program component files. Thus the data retrieval process works very fast. Complex data analysis requires high performance, which will never be achieved when storing in usual spreadsheets or external databases.
Add your own data on the side
Occasionally, you might miss or disagree with some prices in the database. Add your own data and extend the database. The easiest way to do so is using the write-back feature. Just replace the data you retrieved or type in a new entry, and the system will save the new value in your local user database. All your analysis and calculation will now use the changed value. At a single glance, Benchum Decision provides you an overview on all your changes. We invite you to share them within our Bonus Program.
Import your data without a hitch
Benchum Decision provides rich data interoperability. You can import from and export to a number of different spreadsheet and text file formats. It provides a spreadsheet module for opening and saving workbooks based on common data formats such as XML, tabbed text, and comma delimited. Alternatively, you can copy and paste data on ad hoc basis using the Windows clipboard. Importing your own data is quick and easy. The database is also enlarged by automatic update which is one of the best features of our software. In addition, put Benchum Decision on your network server or intranet web server, and the entire team will share the same data.
Benchum Decision is delivered on CD-ROM. Please order a free evaluation copy.