Automatic Update
Automatic update gives you hassle-free data access for periodical downloads of new data and optional uploads of your user database via Internet, allowing you to constantly monitor prices and costs.
Built-in communications
One of the best features of Benchum Decision is having access to reliable, fresh data. We update and enlarge the underlying Benchum myData database on a regular basis, since our goal is to serve as a reliable source of information about our industry. When you first install Benchum Decision, the CD-ROM already comes with the latest database, ensuring you start off with the freshest available data. A permanent and automatic update service using either the Internet or point-to-point telephone lines keeps the database constantly up-to-date and renews program code. The update process is secure because our software uses a proprietary file format for which no viruses are reported and verifies the checksum of each file transferred.
Monitor constantly prices and costs
Monitoring prices and costs implies comparing the actual situation with the values set forth in the planning phase. Start your your planning process with the price projections provided in the database, modified by adding your own data as necessary. Subsequently, the automatic update feature will deliver you all eventual price changes caused by altered market conditions. The resulting impact is automatically reflected in your calculations because our software separates the analysis and the database functionality. Benchum Decision shows what has changed and the degree of the modification, allowing you to compare projected versus actual costs in an integrated view. Analyze the data in order to take corrective action before it is too late. Benchum Decision helps you to reduce the time you spend on non-productive tasks. The integrated automation frees up your time so you can concentrate on the important things.
Select your update infrastructure
Benchum Decision is available in three versions that share the same basic architecture but differ in flexibility and connectivity:
The single-user version can only be used by one user at one computer and runs in isolation from other computers. It is part of our professional package.
The network version is installed onto a network server and can be used by any PC workstation connected to it via a local or wide area network. It is part of our professional group package.
The web host version for intranets is set up on your intranet web server, making access via browser possible from any computer in your enterprise. It is part of our enterprise package.
Benchum Decision provides the infrastructure for true distributed computing, and one of its versions will be a perfect match to your organizational requirements.
Automatic update is part of our professional, professional group, and enterprise package.