Instant Reports and Graphics
Instant reports and graphics present the results in both numerical and graphical form and offer a wide array of options for communicating your findings (such as direct PDF creation).
A visual craft
Showing complexity is hard work. Benchum Decision brings more to the table than mere number crunching. It is designed to produce smart output with a minimum of effort. Graphics are especially persuasive and memorable. A single high-density graphic can replace ten scattered illustrations. Use the graphics view to effectively communicate investment and sourcing strategies to colleagues and clients. You can include graphics in the diagnostic report at the hit of a button.
Reports for thorough decision-making
The Graphics Page allow you to create impressive charts and graphs, which include both 2D and 3D styles. A Graphics Assistant helps you in the selection and setting of chart types, and includes many formatting options on just about everything. The Report Assistant creates ad hoc reports in an easy way. The report has a heading, several tables of data and graphics, and explanatory text. Formatting tables and graphics is one of the main strengths of Benchum Decision. You have other options such as fonts to use, colors, and so on.
Great for reporting to meetings
Display your graphics as an on-screen slide show using an LCD projector. Or print your report or publish it as a file in Adobe Acrobat format for distribution. The output from Benchum Decision can be directly saved as a document in PDF format for viewing with Adobe's Acrobat Reader; there is no need for the Adobe Acrobat Writer. You can also copy your graphics and reports to the Windows clipboard or save them as Windows Metafile, which will allow them to be included in Microsoft Office documents (such as MS Word, PowerPoint). Or you can select the EPS-Format (Encapsulated PostScript), which is suitable for any high-end desktop publishing program. Moreover, you can create many image file formats such as BMP, PNG, JPEG, and GIF.