What is a cookie?
A “cookie” is a small piece of information that is generated by a Web server and stored on the user’s computer. If your browser finds a cookie in its cookie file matching the domain of this server (which is www.benchum.com), it will send it along with every request. When accessing our server, the cookie allows this server to recognize your particular computer.

Our web site uses both persistent and temporary (session) cookies. Unlike a persistent cookie, a session cookie is not saved on your computer's hard drive, but is only temporarily stored in your computer's memory and is erased when the browser is closed. The response time of our online application Benchum myData depends on a session cookie, that reserves a certain amount of server capacity while your session is active. Without this session cookie, additional overhead is created, as our server is released immediately and needs to reload the application for each page request, which has a negative impact on response time. Furthermore, we use permanent cookies to memorize your username and encrypted password for the automatic login feature and to store the user settings of the Benchum myData and Benchum Analysis search functions. If you reject the cookies, you may still use our online services. The only drawback is that you will be unable to use the features described above.

“Cookies” are browser-specific. If you have more than one browser installed on your computer (such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer), you will have to “memorize” your user name and password separately for each browser to login automatically. Likewise, if you access our site from more than one computer, you will have to save your user name and password separately on each machine.
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